Moving On

As the Samford alma mater rang through the Pete Hanna Center, I knew the graduates weren’t the only ones preparing to leave campus. I had just accepted a new job offer, far different than the academic librarianship I have known these past years, and announced it to my coworkers.

One month later, I’m in the last days of work in Samford University’s Davis Library. There are still reports to be written and lots of office cleaning. This, in the midst of orientation sessions and the library’s own genealogy institute — a major undertaking.

The Reading Room

As much as people may repeat it, Samford really is a community. I was welcomed with friendly and supportive arms by faculty, staff, and students. Well, the students took a little breaking of the ice. And I’ll miss them. I’ll miss the gorgeous campus and fountains on sunny days, the spontaneous deep discussions about Dr. Who, Star Trek, and other miscellanea.

Staff Halloween Party

I’ll miss Paul in the Food Court, always asking if I’m going to be on tv again and how proud he was of me. The students with their honesty as only online posts can provide – congratulating and consoling each other, supporting causes they believe in, sharing cute animal pictures, and facing “The Struggle”. LoveMyJob

But if I leave with sadness, I go forward with excitement. My new position with Ex Libris Group will bring untold opportunities for travel, working with librarians, and challenging myself. Honestly, I’m not sure yet myself what to expect.


This Friday will be the last official day to Ask Me! at Samford Library, but you can always find me on Twitter, Tumblr, or here. As long as you like cats, nerdy things, and sewing.


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