Drinking the Kool-Aid

Yes, I got an iPad for my birthday. The new one. And it is awesome. Not only did I use it as a remote for Netflix last night, but I just used the Webex app to attend an EBSCO conference call. Seamless.

Now, before anyone starts thinking anything too snarky, I do have an Android phone, which I love. I use Google everything, privacy policies notwithstanding. And I did try an Android tablet. The ergonomics and user interface were simply too frustrating.

I am quite looking forward to opportunities to use this device in other ways in my workplace, whether it is in library instruction or testing out a model of roaming reference services. Or just checking out how our mobile website looks and functions. Conferences, especially, are going to be much happier.

The only thing left is to name my little friend, to truly make it part of my Apple electronic family.


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