Librarians Rock

Well, that went well. No, really, it did. The annual Alabama Library Association annual convention has come and gone yet again. Thankfully, it was in Birmingham, which meant minimal travel and expense. It also meant constant hopping between work and the hotel (on the opposite side of town from my house), which was also fine. There’s nothing quite as annoying as sitting around a generic hotel room with nothing to do and bad lighting.

I had two main goals for this one – renew contacts and let them know I had changed jobs over the holidays, and a poster session. Both goals were achieved, I think. My poster session was about cross-training in the office for improved empathy and communication, and you can learn more by clicking on the tab Osmosis in the Office above. Some of you helped me with ideas for resources, and thanks!

I was also renewed as chair of the Education Committee. This was appreciated because all the family stuff this past year delayed me from really being an active leader. So, I’m glad to have a second shot at doing some interesting things and providing professional development opportunities to the librarians in our state.


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