The Hidden Superpower

This is Edna Mode:  

She makes costumes for all the superheros of Disney’s The Incredibles. 

She knows each person’s skills, personality, and she creates a costume to compliment both. 

Edna is strongly supportive of her clients and opinionated about functionality. 

In preparation of Halloween, many of you have wielded needle and glue gun for children, grandchildren, even yourself. You used your superpowers to help someone become another, an outfit to last through dark tromps, rain, and sugar highs. 

As you put final touches on capes, makeup, glitter, and headgear, remember this: you may not wear a mask; many will be unaware of your work. But everytime you see a smile run past you, fringe stay put, and gemstones shine, remember that someone helped put it there. 

And when anyone asks what you are for Halloween, just say you’re Edna Mode. 


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