Changing My Needles

In sewing, it’s recommended you put in new sewing needles before every project. During use, the point of a needle dulls, decreasing its ability to pierce the material. The constant movement of the machine and fabric can warp the needle, pulling it off center, nicking it on the metal plate, creating burrs that can catch on fibers.

So, changing needles represents the beginning of something new. It can have potential for joyous creation or immense frustration (cue the seam ripper).

I’ve been spending more time at my sewing machines, this time focusing on knits and pieces for my own wardrobe. In its single most helpful recommendation to date, Facebook led me to the Curvy Sewing Collective and a host of independent pattern designers and fabric retailers.

A little of this output has crept into my social media over the last weeks. In an effort to keep up this momentum and work through the massive fabric stash folded in my sewing room, I’m going to use the world to hold me accountable.

Every day that I’m home, I will commit to sew, sketch, knit, bake, do something creative. It doesn’t have to be big or complicated or even finished. But some progress will be made on something. And I’ll post that progress using #DayMade. Because the more I spend time making things, the more I find I’m making joy for myself. And that absolutely makes my day.


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